All about Marmiteman

Job done – Land’s End to John O’Groats and congratulations to all for your support – we’ve now raised £4,000 with another £4,400 promised for Mark Carey.

Mark spent a year in hospital (the infamous Stafford) with a series of infections and having radiology which wiped him out physically, mentally and financially.  Today Mark is cared for 24/7 by his  devoted partner Zoe and I am delighted to say his memory is now better than mine and he has learned to speak and read and write again but he is at the mercy of the State and no matter how much I tell him to pull himself together and get a job he seems to think that being paralysed is an excuse and recuperation is more important.

As he is not a charity I cannot use JustGiving so  if you want to support Mark, or sponsor me on my 1000 mile 10 day cycle challenge just email me at and make a pledge – and don’t forget to leave a telephone number.  

Alternatively as Sandy Lodge Golf Club have agreed to act as a conduit for your cash and cheques you can make cheques payable to Sandy Lodge and give it to me or Lesley or post or deliver it to Sandy Lodge Golf Club, Sandy Lodge Lane, Northwood, HA6 2JD  – Attn. Clive Bailey.

I covered all of my costs so 100% of what you give will go to Mark.

Thank you and all the best



8 Responses to All about Marmiteman

  1. Jane Wallace says:

    Seen and noted…I`ll network this one … hopefully a cunning plan will emanate. There but for the grace of God etc…

  2. Margaret says:

    Didn’t see you in Brighton yesterday – no cycle shorts in sight. How do you have time to write it all. Very enjoyable reading.
    Best wishes

  3. Adrienne Jonas says:

    David – if you can figure out how I can donate to you I would like to do that….


  4. Ian Randon says:

    David. I did JOGLE a few years ago in 12 days with 5 other riders and a support team so your solo challenge sounds somewhat more “challenging”. I loved every minute of it. Some of the scenery is stunning.

    I will certainly sponsor you and if at all possible will try and join you for a few miles when you are near the Midlands. I’ll be in touch.

    Good Luck.


  5. Adrienne Jonas says:

    Your Dad is going to give you the money for me and I’ll pay him when I come over later this year…..

    Good luck

  6. Carole says:

    Dave & Lesley again a lovely evening on Saturday – think of you both through the weeks ahead good luck and happy blogging xxx

  7. Andrew Edge says:

    Glad to hear all going to plan and keep pushing until the end. As for the cycling only two days to go. You can do it!! Bookies are slashing their wrists as we speak, I always believed you could do it.
    Speak soon.
    Edgey and Louise. xx

  8. sue says:


    Well done for reaching John O’Groats!!!!!!

    Just brilliant

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