Day 3

I seemed to struggle to get out before 10. Up at 6 and left at 9.45. It’s hard to pick up your starting place on the sat-nav and if you go wrong it is very unforgiving. I went wrong and it crashed so I went back to the start but I could not get it to work, and now it was 10.10 and I had 100+ miles ahead of me. Over the past 2 days I had learned that maps were an essential compliment to sat-nav and decided that I would just “map” it.  I kept stopping and starting. Eventually I’m down a country lane with the “support” crew behind me. Eventually they pass me on an uphill bit as does the queue behind but they have to stop ahead for an oncoming vehicle and I start to catch them but then they’re off and trundling cautiously downhill. No caution for me. I accelerated up to 30+mph and passed the lot. Stupid reckless and peurile but a real buzz in these country lanes.

Before long I was at the foot of the Quantock Hills. I’ll let you guess why they’re called hills. What a climb. As steep as the steepest parts of the Alps had been the previous month. I got to the top and was joined by a golf pro from Burham. Very nice guy 22 years old – 9 years older than my eldest grandson! We chatted and rode together. He went ahead on the uphills and I went ahead on the downhill.  

We got to the end and he left me to go to his car and I headed for Cheddar Gorge. He had only come to get some hill work in before his first time trial. I hope it went well for you if you’re reading this. In fact he drove passed me about 15 mins later and gave me a friendly toot and a wave as he drove off in to the distance.  In fact I gave him a call at his club to see if they would donate a 4 ball for Mark but apparently they are inundated with requests so I need to get back to them in December.  You can only ask.

Will update blogg asap page of map $miss phone crashe met at ched by luckbefor les bum sore Elowa and Nigel over M48 bridge to C big bre cac sat nav. Beat L slightly shortr camp site didn’t take to owner imm but he did help me with my crashed phone reboot 30 mins Lesley arrived super day kids Cheddar. Don’t know what to expect from campsites. Regulars nothing to do.

The weather was overcast and sunny but not too hot.


About marmiteman

Marmite man will be cycling 1000 miles over 10 days from Land's End to John O'Groats raising money for Mark Carey. My wife Lesley & grandsons Jake, Callum and Dylan and their Auntie Vicky are the support crew - not that they will be around during the day!
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9 Responses to Day 3

  1. Carole says:

    Thinkin of you loads from the safety of the office chair, loving the blogs – luv also the lesley and the boyz, great you’ve had some company but you’re making me nervious about your downhill exploits – good luck & keep safe

  2. Kevin says:

    Its great to hear from you on your journey. Wish I could be with you but on a motorbike.
    It sounds tough but you seem to be getting some pleasure. Wont be long before you reach half way!
    Keep your chins up and hope to see you soon.
    Best wishes

  3. Gordon says:

    Hi David (and crew)
    Just thought I’d dip into your blog to see how it was going, love the shorthand bits – and trying to decipher them!!
    Hope you haven’t got too many aches and best wishes for the remainder of your trip.
    Best Wishes

  4. Russelll kirk says:

    Go David. Good thing you have very little hair, cuts down on the wind resistance

  5. marian says:

    I hope the girls are massaging all your sore bits & the boys are letting you rest !!!!!
    good luck for the rest of the journey

    love from
    auntie Marian & uncle Terry xx

  6. raju says:

    well done to all of you .. we are very proud of you all just tucking into a grat curry and beersss looking to share a few with you

    when you are back. keep it up and down love to all.

    india rule ok……………………………………………….

  7. Gayle Cohen says:

    So proud of you bro


  8. mark carey says:

    sounds really tough, still can’t believe all what you are doing for us! shave your legs you might go faster! although its tough i hope your enjoying the journey. love zoe and mark xx

  9. Paul Austin says:

    Loads of respect – sounds like you are all doing a great job, especially Lesley. Keep it up, only 5 more days to go.

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