Marmettes and the 3 marmiteers week 1

Living with Marmiteman by The support Crew: Lesley, Vicky,Jake,Callum & Dylan

(The Marmettes and the 3 Marmiteers)

Day 5 29th July 4pm

Well it has been a few days since we started now.  I am sitting on the beach front at Morcombe in the motorhome, I spend a lot of time in the motorhome!  Kids are in the sea, Vicky and Murphy the big issue dog are asleep and guess what, I am clearing up, nothing new there.

It seems we are now part of the in crowd (we call it the anorak brigade) as all motor home drivers wave., I refuse to be part of the gang and ignore them, can’t they see we are Marmiteman’s roadies.

Apart from spending the whole day travelling from camp site to campsite and spending a lot of time having lunch on the services I am trying to convince myself that this is my holiday as well. 

David has been able to keep everyone up to date day by day as he has had time on his hands, anyone would think his part is hard well I think I would rather be cycling than being a trolly dolly every day, all I seem to do is get up prepare breakfast, wash up tidy up prepare lunch (in Asda car park or somewhere just a glamourous). Then set up base camp for David to come back to a home cooked meal and put his feet up.  Seems like no change from being at home really except I have 4 others to cook and clean for. I am up at 6 and go to bed at midnight! He should think himself lucky that he is out on the road all day enjoying himself. Oh! and by the way everyone snores! What have I done to deserve such a wonderful holiday.

Dylan has now left the crew as he has gone home.  4 days is enough for him to be away from his mum.  The changeover was quick and painless(not).  We spent so long trying to find Emma who managed to meet us in Bromsgrove after coming via the M1 and M42? Why I hear you ask yourself, yes indeed.  It was a straight forward trip on the M25 and M40 but Emma managed to make it a difficult one.  But Dylan is now safe and sound back in the arms of mum and dad.   Missing him already.

We have managed to find all the weirdos that own camp sites on our travels.  There are big signs up on most of them saying please do not play on the grass or ride your bikes or play ball and do not let your dog off the lead even though we are a  dog friendly site you must keep them out of sight.

Signing off for another wonderful evening preparing dinner, clearing up and driving to our next camp site.


About marmiteman

Marmite man will be cycling 1000 miles over 10 days from Land's End to John O'Groats raising money for Mark Carey. My wife Lesley & grandsons Jake, Callum and Dylan and their Auntie Vicky are the support crew - not that they will be around during the day!
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2 Responses to Marmettes and the 3 marmiteers week 1

  1. Russell says:


    I would send David a bill for services rendered

  2. Krys says:

    Moan, moan, moan, Now pull yourself together leslie.
    Remember this is not a holiday, you are part of the suppor crew!!!
    Lance didn’t have a winging marmitettelette to cope with!!
    And how’s the sex in that caravan with all those happy campers about?
    David, almost half way there well done fellow we’re proud of you .
    Keep going you know you can do it,
    Just get started earlier in the mornings, you should be on saddle by 8 am.
    We were up and walking before 8 in th Himallayas, so focus man!!
    Cant get a signal to speak to you so give me a call when you have a moment.

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