Thank You

Thanks to everyone for all your support.

Special thanks to Lesley without whom this would not have happened. She trained and encouraged me, she helped organise me, she drove, she cooked, she cleaned, she cleared up after 3 grandchildren and 3 adults, she kept the kids as happy as kids can be kept without the use of gratuitous violence, she nursed, she navigated, she didn’t stop. I know what you’re thinking – that’s what wives are for, but let me tell you, this was way above and beyond the call of duty and when we get back I’m going to buy Lesley the biggest and best hoover a woman could want. Please come and visit me in hospital!

Thanks to Vicky, my sister-in-law for her support. She brought a lot of laughter into the trip, much of it hystrical, as I tried to do things like work out how to get the fuel cap off the camper van. Thank you Vicky for your IT support, your driving, your singing (which needs a bit of work), your navigating and for being you.

Hot Colin, thank you for all your IT support and Katie’s. I would not have blogged without you guys. Thanks for your company on some of my training runs and I look forward to cycling with you on your new bike if you ever make up your mind about getting it.

Thanks to all in the office at Sandy Lodge and the committee who agreed to support me with trying to raise money for Mark.

Thanks to my 3 grandsons, Jake, Callum and Dylan who could have been a lot worse. I have to admit that Lesley and Vicky did hugely well to be locked up in a tin can for 2 weeks with bairly enough room to swing a grandson without strangling any of them.


About marmiteman

Marmite man will be cycling 1000 miles over 10 days from Land's End to John O'Groats raising money for Mark Carey. My wife Lesley & grandsons Jake, Callum and Dylan and their Auntie Vicky are the support crew - not that they will be around during the day!
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1 Response to Thank You

  1. Sally Morris says:

    I think you guys have been amazing, well done to you all including grandchildren and thanks for the blog updates, I feel as if I have accompanied you all the way but without the pain and torture. See you soon. Sally xx

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