Biking tips

Sore Bottom is an inevitable consequence of long rides, and for some of us Gary, Caroline, even short rides.  So what to do?

1)  Cream can be both soothing and softening – not dairy – try Chamois – and no double dipping if you know what I mean;

2)  Cycle shorts are great news.  If there’s one thing that’s better than cycle shorts its 2 pairs of cycle shorts.

3)  Pants.  This is no time for briefs.  Avoid anything that will put a seam between your saddle and your bottom.  Sports trunks work – or go commando

4)  Hybrid or mountain bikes should all come with a “sprung” saddle stem – it should be law – why wouldn’t you – S&M freaks excepted.

5)  Curry is a definite no no the night before a long cycle.  It won’t counteract the wind in your face – don’t do it.

Nose Blowing   I was always repulsed by the sight of old men and footballers blowing their noses without handkerchiefs but then on a cold day with an incessant runny nose and just the one hankie what do you do?  Well here’s my tips.

1)  Always blow the left nostril over the left shoulder and the right nostril over the right shoulder.

2)  Always keep an eye on the road in front for potholes when blowing your nose like this.

3)  Always check for other cyclists overtaking before blowing.

4)  Always make sure you are going at a reasonable pace – it doesn’t work going uphill.


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